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Most dealers see demand one minute and none the next. In order to thrive and reach your goals, you need a consistent flow of opportunity. At Advantage, we offer turn key solutions to produce customers on demand. Stop the worry of how you will hit your numbers... know it's going to come in with marketing solutions that actually work and are 100% trackable.

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How many times have you run some kind of digital advertising for your dealership ... but when you look out at your sales.... you are left wondering: whether or not if it did anything at all to help you sell cars?

How to get thousands of new fans to your dealership's fanpage.

I just shot a new "mini" course where I'm giving out a free video series on how to grow your dealership's social media. It teaches how to generate a horde of new fans completely for free in your PMA.

Are your dealership's ads worthless for bring you new sales?

You see lots of "clicks" and "pageviews." "Look at the time on site! This is crushing it!" They say. Only one big glaring problem... Your actual sales numbers don't reflect a big increase in real sales from their campaign.

Is your dealership playing checkers or chess in your market?

The big dogs make money and grow in both good times and bad. They innovate, outwit, outsell their competition. They position themselves for greatness by looking ahead... and strategically have a plan for every opportunity. Is your dealership playing checkers or chess?

Short on inventory from Covid? These quick solutions can help!

The past few months have been a wild ride. We've had to deal with some craziness with shutdowns and manufacturers not shipping out new cars.

Many of you have probably found that one of the largest challenges right now is not selling cars, but rather having cars to sell.

How to secure your management position at your dealership.

No one likes to talk about it. However, I see it every day on my feed on LinkedIn. Dealership managers seeking a new opportunity. They are often doing a good job at everything but the one thing that impacts their position.... I want you as a GM to be prepared and have a surefire way to protect yourself.